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Why do real estate agents need virtual 360 tours of their homes?

Real estate agents need virtual 360 tours for their real estate listings due to various reasons that not only enhance the property showcasing experience but also significantly impact their businesses. Some of these reasons include: 1. Enhanced property visualization: Virtual 360 tours offer a realistic property visualization, allowing potential buyers to explore every corner of the listing from the comfort of their homes. This technology provides an immersive experience that cannot be accomplished with traditional photographs or videos, giving buyers a better understanding and feel of the space. 2. Time and cost-efficient: Virtual 360 tours save time for both real estate agents and their clients. Instead of scheduling multiple property visits, which can be time-consuming and tiring, virtual tours enable buyers to shortlist properties that genuinely match their criteria. This efficiency reduces the number of physical property visits, ultimately saving valuable time and resources for real estate agents. 3. Greater reach and accessibility: With a virtual 360 tour, real estate listings can be easily shared on social media and online platforms, reaching a wider audience of potential buyers. Moreover, people with mobility restrictions or those living in other cities or countries can conveniently access and evaluate the listings remotely. This advantage significantly expands the client base for real estate agents. 4. Competitive edge: Incorporating virtual 360 tours in property listings gives real estate agents a competitive advantage in the market. The immersive and detailed experience is more likely to hold the interest of the viewers, resulting in higher engagement and increased chances of closing a deal. By having 360 tours as a part of their marketing strategy, agents can differentiate themselves and stand-out in the crowded real estate industry. 5. Faster sales and higher conversion: Research suggests that listings with virtual 360 tours receive 40% more clicks than those with just photos. Moreover, properties with 3D virtual tours close sales 31% faster and have a 9% higher sales price than those without. By providing potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the property, agents can expedite the decision-making process, leading to quicker sales and higher conversion rates. 6. Improved client satisfaction: Virtual 360 tours elevate the client experience by offering accurate and detailed information about the property. This transparency in property representation reduces the chances of mismatched expectations and potential disappointments, ultimately leading to increased trust and overall client satisfaction. In conclusion, virtual 360 tours for real estate listings are an indispensable tool for today's real estate agents. By adopting this innovative technology, agents can ensure effective property visualization, increased efficiency, and an enhanced client experience, resulting in higher sales and business growth.

Book a virtual 360 tour creation for your business.

Below you can request to book a virtual 360 tour for your business and a team member from Mercer Media 360 will come in and spend approximately 30-60 minutes photographing your space with our 360 degree cutting edge software. This can be conducted during or after business hours. You can book a time slot with us but spots are not guaranteed until scheduling has been accepted by one of our team members. Our tours are priced at $0.10 per square foot with a minimum of $300 for any business under 3000 square feet. For example, if your business is less than 3000 square feet then you will be looking at a flat fee of $300 for your virtual tour. Anything over 3000 square feet will be priced at 10 cents multiplied by your square footage. Taxes will be calculated at checkout*. Services conducted outside of the 70-mile radius of Moultrie, Georgia will incur a travel fee. Check your distance by clicking here.

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